What is the web?

Our platform wants to show to the channels that make videos in direct (Streaming), ordered by different ranges, for example, by its capacity of communication, its capacity to entertain or by his playing ability. This gives us the possibility to demonstrate its potential to small channels.

How do I order the streamings?

You can sort them by Game using the search dropdown,

And by your favorite skill by clicking on the icons on the main page. Only channels that participate in the league can be ordered by skill, also the first ones will be released if they are live

How do I vote for a Streamer?

In order to vote you must login (login) with your Twitch user and enter the favorite channel. You can only vote for the channels registered in our league Connect each user with his twitch account can only vote once every certain period of time, currently is every 4 hours, but can be changed. You can not have more than one account from the same computer or router.

You can vote for one of the three special skills of each Streamer, this will make you define yourself in one of those fields, then be able to be ranked and valued in it.

If I like it, can I share it?

Of course! When you enter the profile of a streamer, you will find the icons to share on the respective social networks.

What is La Liga?

The League consists of streamers, classified according to the points that add (in total) their abilities (these points acquire them through the votes explained above). Also the possibilities of gaining points of other forms have been added, for each hour of stream will add a point in that ability. Also you will gain points in the ability of viewers, for every 10 viewers that pass through the streaming will gain a point when finishing.